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I’m a 12+ year graphic design professional based in the Wichita, KS area. I have a deep passion for typography, web, print and all things design. It’s one of two reasons I wake up in the morning (the other being coffee). Looking for new ways to become inspired is what drives my day-to-day. It’s not just about meeting deadlines, it’s about pushing boundaries to make every project my best work yet.


Two Parts Creative, One Part Evil, One Part Genius

I’ve had the privilage of working with and learning from the best talent in the industry. I’m well versed in print layout, web design + front end development, brand execution and marketing strategy. I’ve also perfected my Starbucks order based on time of year and outdoor temperature.

Print Layout 100
Web Design 100
Front End Dev 85
Logo Design 95
Branding 90

Don’t Take My Word For it,
See The Work


Relax And Enjoy The View

Digital Art
Logo Design
Print Layout
Web Design
Photo Retouch
  • Atlas Industrial Machine Moving Logo
  • Eisenhower Tigers
    Eisenhower High School Tigers Logo
  • TreatCo Catalog and Poster
    TreatCo Catalog and Poster
  • Vision by Gammill
    Vision by Gammill Logo
  • Lure Shield
    Lure Shield Logo
  • Tierra Verde Brochure
    Tierra Verde Brochure
  • Tierra Verde Pamphlet
    Tierra Verde Pamphlet
  • Tierra Verde Website
  • Hawker Beechcraft Recruitment Brochure
    Hawker Beechcraft Recruitment Brochure
  • Warren Theatre Print Ads
    Warren Theatre Print Ads
  • Source1 Print Ad
    Source1 Print Ad
  • Warren Breast Cancer Blanket Card
    Warren Breast Cancer Blanket Card
  • Dunn Allen Design
    Dunn Allen Design Website
  • Bud E Roosters Website
  • Two Olives Wichita
    Two Olives Website
  • Source1 Catalog Covers
    Source1 Catalog Covers
  • TAAG Church Stuck
    TAAG Church Stuck
  • TAAG Church
    TAAG Church Logo
  • RSM Gas Pump
    RSM Gas Pump
  • Shadowmark Book Art
    Shadowmark Book Art
  • Shadowmark Book Cover
    Shadowmark Book Cover
  • Chris Gill Vintage Radio
    Chris Gill Vintage Radio
  • Grand Infinity 3D Laser
    Grand Infinity 3D Laser Logo
  • Abe's Lawn and Tree Care
    Abe's Lawn and Tree Care Website
  • Danny Satterfield Drywall
    DSD Logo Design
  • Thunderbird Firearms Academy
    Thunderbird Firearms Website
  • Martens Companies
    Martens Companies Logo Design
  • Front Porch Property Management
    Front Porch Property Management Logo Design
  • Immigration Solutions
    Immigration Solutions Logo Design
  • Rock Island BBQ
    Rock Island BBQ Logo Design
  • Fleck Valves
    Fleck Valves Logo Deisgn
  • Fresh Horses
    Fresh Horses Logo Design
  • WWII Jeep Colorize
    WWII Jeep Colorize
  • WWII D-day Landing Colorize
    WWII D-Day Landing Colorize
  • Memorial Day Never Forget
    Memorial Day Never Forget
  • Plane Paint Scheme Photo Retouch
    Plane Paint Scheme Photo Retouch
  • ILS Beef
    ILS Beef Website
  • Lies Bugner Custom Homes
    Lies Bugner Custom Homes Website
  • Leafit Logo Icon
    Leafit Logo Icon
  • Maui Jim Sunglasses
    Maui Jim Sunglasses (Photos by Chris Gill)
  • Thunderbird Freedom Fest 2017 Poster
  • Sticks 96 Golf Logo
    Sticks 96 Golf Logo
  • RSM Christmas Party Poster
  • Grand Street Cafe Website
    Grand Street Cafe Website

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Let's Get To Know Each Other

You’ve had a look at the work and now you want to know if we’re going to be a good fit. Well, there’s only one way to find out!

For trolling purposes, I’ve chosen to not list my phone number.

For relational purposes, here are my favorite beverages:

  • Morning Time
  • Starbucks Sumatra
  • Starbucks Cafe Verona
  • Any French Roast

  • After Work
  • Boulevard Wheat
  • Hopping Gnome Coffee Stout
  • Walnut River Warbeard Irish Red